About me

I'm Andrea Rufo a full stack web developer born, raised and currently living in 🇮🇹 Italy.

I'm specialized in web developing using PHP, HTML and CSS; with a special attention at Graphic Interfaces and User eXperience.

I'm also a Wordpress and Laravel specialist.

Andrea Rufo

I have the honor to work with some of the most interesting european web agencies such as Alquimia, Bullfrog, toSend.it, TooHead, Axed, Direct2Brain, Historica Edizioni and Cultora.it.
And also with the best freelancers who have become my good friends such as Diego La Monica, Alessio Atzeni, Alessandro Risso, Andrea Sghedoni, Federico Quagliotto and Jacopo Spina.

Former Senior Web Analyst and Developer at Pixell ― Rome.
Currently Senior Web Developer at Mandarino Adv ― Latina.